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Our Services :

Your Online Tutor service is a private tutoring platform which provides you with the top quality Online tutoring staff all over the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We are unique in several aspects including detailed recruitment process and quick response time. We specialise in providing tutors for Cambridge International Examination System, Ed-Excel , International Baccalaureate (IB)  and local boards BISE/FBISE. Click Here to avail our services

We deliver value at the your doorstep. Our average response time is below one hour. We believe in delivering value to the clients for  building our long term relations with the clients. We have yet dealt students from all re-known institute of Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

Our Mission : 

Our mission is to help our students regardless of ability, age or background to realize their goals for the future through the support of the highest quality Online tutors who are 24/7 available for Online tuition services.

  • We aim to help all students achieve their potential by giving them encouragement, understanding and individualised attention
  • We strive to raise our students’ aspiration and achievement levels by infusing them with enthusiasm for the subject, self-confidence, motivation and direction
  • Unique Tutorials can be a more effective investment of time and effort than many hours in the classroom, library or conference.


Why Us!!  

Your Online Tutor service carries an experience of more than 7 years of providing quality Online tuition services in Islamabad. We have a team of individuals who have got experience in the relevant subjects.

We don’t believe in just behaving as a middle-man, rather we take complete responsibility of hiring and testing the Online tutor through our extensive hiring process.

Hiring Process:

There are three basic things we see in a Online tutor while taking him;/her aboard.

  • Ability to teach e Communication skills , logical reasoning , convincing ability.
  • Previous experience
  • Relevant subject knowledge

More over certain aspects of personality including honesty, character , hard work, and punctuality are judged during interview as well as through the clients feedback.

Our Clients:

In the tenure of seven years we have provided Online tuition services in Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi to our esteemed clients. Most of our students were from following schools , collages and universities:

  1. Froebel’s International School , Islamabad.
  2. Roots International School , Islamabad & Rawalpindi.
  3. Beacon House , Islamabad & Rawalpindi.
  4. Ace International Academy , Bahria Town , Islamabad & Rawalpindi.
  5. Lahore Grammar School , Islamabad.
  6. Schola Nova, Islamabad.
  7. Head Start, Islamabad
  8. City School , Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  9. NUST , Islamabad.
  10. Bahria University , Islamabad.
  11. Global College, Rawalpindi.
  12. Panjab College , Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
  13. Preston University, Islamabad.
  14. Comsats University Islamabad.
  15. Capital Universtiy of Science and Technology Islamabad.
  16. Imperial College of London
  17. Leeds Universtiy , England.
  18. Ohio University , Canada.

Our Expertise!

Our Esteemed Online Tutors are experienced in teaching their subjects. They are well trained and well groomed to do their duty



Major Subjects we offer are

  • Online Tuition for Mathematics
  • Online Tuition of Physics
  • Online Tuition for O Level Math
  • Online Tuition for A Level Math
  • Online Tuition for Cambridge Math
  • Online Tuition for Edexcel math
  • Online Tuition for Chemistry
  • Online Tuition for Physics
  • Online Tuition for Junior Classes
  • Online Tuition for Social Studies
  • Online Tuition for Islamyat
  • Online Tuition for English
  • Online Tuition for Urdu
  • Online Tuition for Chinese Language
  • Online Tuition for French Language

Classes and Levels:

Our Online tutors in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are most capable of dealing with students from various levels who seek Online tuition in Islamabad. We have following options available

  • O Level Online Tuition in Islamabad
  • A Level Online Tuition in Islamabad
  • Matric Online Tuition in Islamabad
  • Intermediate Online Tuition in Islamabad.
  • Bsc Online Tuition
  • Pre-O Levels Online Tuition
  • Class 1 – 4 Online Tuition
  • Class 5 – 8 Online Tuition

Education Systems:

Our Online Tuition Services according to Education Systems  include

  • Online Tuition for Cambridge International Exams (CIE) , May-June 2017
  • Online Tuition for Edexcel International Exams , May-June 2017
  • Online Tuition for IB Examinations.
  • Online Tuition for Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.
  • Online Tuition for Board of Intermediate and Secodary Education,
  • Online Tuition for Entrance Exams.
  • Online Tuition for NTS.